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Naturally Derived

Pure, natural ingredients.

A mum’s quest for a moisturiser.

Silky-soft skin, for all.

The A’maree’s Story

A’maree’s was born from a desperate mum’s quest for a moisturizer that would soothe her baby’s extremely sensitive–think angry, itchy, and cracked–skin.

After tossing out countless bottles and tubes from various brands that didn’t work, there was only one option left… 

Create it herself.

She took her idea to the best skincare formulation team, and for the next few months, experimented with ingredients–relentlessly testing, then shelving away formulas that weren’t good enough. 

Finally, they came up with the right hydrating, gentle, and calming moisturizer that worked! No more itching, scratching and bleeding. Only soft, silky skin.

Baby skin; as it’s supposed to be.

Soon, ‘Soothing Baby Moisture Cream’ made its way into the lives of her friends’ newborns. It was an instant hit. That was when she knew she needed to help other desperate parents who’re struggling to care for a newborn with sensitive skin–like she did.

Tear-free bath and sunscreen suitable for babies and toddlers with sensitive skin followed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

*Baby Massage Tips*⁠

Your baby is happy about the massage if your baby has relaxed hands, gentle fluid movements and is making eye contact.⁠

To start, place your hands gently on your baby's tummy⁠
Commence massage from the neck and work down through the body using firm, gentle, smooth and rhythmic strokes. ⁠
Glide your hands over your baby's skin, maintaining skin contact at all times throughout the massage.⁠
Watch and monitor your baby's reaction throughout the massage⁠
If at any time your baby is showing clenched fists, grimaces, hiccoughs, sneezing, red blotchy skin, turning eyes away from you; then slow down your movements or stop the massage. Your baby is letting you know that now is not the best time for a massage that they would rather be feeding or sleeping.

Laughed too hard at this! Double tap if this is your little one! ⁠ ...

Hugs all round… he must have shared his A’maree’s! ⁠