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*Baby Massage Tips*⁠

Your baby is happy about the massage if your baby has relaxed hands, gentle fluid movements and is making eye contact.⁠

To start, place your hands gently on your baby's tummy⁠
Commence massage from the neck and work down through the body using firm, gentle, smooth and rhythmic strokes. ⁠
Glide your hands over your baby's skin, maintaining skin contact at all times throughout the massage.⁠
Watch and monitor your baby's reaction throughout the massage⁠
If at any time your baby is showing clenched fists, grimaces, hiccoughs, sneezing, red blotchy skin, turning eyes away from you; then slow down your movements or stop the massage. Your baby is letting you know that now is not the best time for a massage that they would rather be feeding or sleeping.

Laughed too hard at this! Double tap if this is your little one! ⁠ ...

Hugs all round… he must have shared his A’maree’s! ⁠